Campaigns & Initiatives

Hello Tomorrow!

The first project of the foundation was to assist the construction of water stations in Chad, a landlocked country located in Central Africa. Chad is one of the driest countries in the world, and accessing to water sources here has always been a huge problem for the country’s agriculture-based economy.

However, simply wishing and waiting for the world to be better by itself is unrealistic, as the wish has to be translated into concrete and concerted actions of all individuals. So we founded the Tomorrow Foundation, a foundation that bears all the sincere wishes for a bright future, works on solid issues to make improvement of today, and unites everyone who shares the same belief to embrace the coming of tomorrow.

It is true that the world we live in now is far from perfect, and the road that leads to tomorrow is tortuous and formidable, but we have faith that we will fare through all the storms we face. When we have broken through lightnings and billows, we may gladly find out that the rainbow is right in front of us.

We are Tomorrow, and we strive a better tomorrow.