Tomorrow Foundation is mainly financed by its founder.

However, you can help the foundation by providing monetary or other forms of assistance to our projects, such as skills and technical resources.

Your donation can be non-dedicated or dedicated to a specific project; all projects can be found at our “Campaign and Initiatives”. The foundation is responsible for all administrative costs, hence your donation will be entirely used in the implementation of the projects.

If you are a Swiss resident, you may request a donation certificate for your tax declaration.

To make a monetary donation, you may wire it to the following banking accounts:

Beneficiary: Tomorrow Foundation, rue du commerce 4, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
Bank: PostFinance AG, Berne, Switzerland
CHF account: CH98 0900 0000 1428 6512 3
EUR account: CH98 0900 0000 9157 2824 0
USD account: CH65 0900 0000 9192 0997 0

If you wish to dedicate your donation to a specific project, please mention it in your payment message.

If you have any proposal of assistance to our current or future projects, please send it through Contact Us.