Tomorrow Foundation aims to provide technologies, training and technical assistance that could result in maximum social and economic impacts on millions of Africans in the realm of education, energy, health and agriculture. To fulfill this objective, extensive field knowledge, transparent review system, honest and strict implementation, and maximum social impact are the four pillars of our selection process.


Our projects are mainly introduced by our global network of focal persons with a variety of expertise. When a focal person identifies a specific need that could be met by our expertise or our assistance, or believes that our expertise could be utilized to solve an existing problem, he or she may file a proposal of assistance to the foundation, which will be reviewed and evaluated by the management team and the Board.

However, the foundation would also like to receive proposals and suggestions of assistance through emails, and give each of them a careful and thorough review. If your proposal or suggestion is accepted, we will contact you for the next step of action.

The process of review and evaluation includes a comprehensive project analysis, a precise and accurate due diligence, and an impact assessment. Exchange of opinions will take place among all stakeholders to plan the scope and modality of action.

Once a proposal passes the review process, delegates of the foundation will conduct an on-site visit, and report all findings to the Board, who will make the final decision. Tomorrow Foundation will only give green-light to projects that pass and excel in all steps of the selection process.