We are united by a same objective—to make Africa a more economically developed, politically stable and culturally confident continent.


We are aware of the reality, and understand the huge gap we will be closing between the reality and our ambition.

However, we believe in the power of technology, so we are bringing the most useful techniques and technologies affordable to all Africans to improve their living standards and boost the economies of African countries.

We believe in the importance of knowledge, so we are conducting researches in counter-terrorism and conflict resolution to seek the best way for African countries to maintain the internal and external stability.

We believe in necessity of cultural confidence, so we are persevering ancient African traditions and fostering modern African cultures for Africans to be aware and confident of their own cultures.

And finally, we believe in the significance of transparency and collaboration, so we have created an objective rating system for projects of our foundation, established an interactive platform for all stakeholders, and connected to a number of foundations like us for more efficient and effective use of funds.

We are Tomorrow; we strive to make a better tomorrow.