Nous sommes unis par le même objectif – faire de l’Afrique un continent économiquement plus développé, politiquement plus stable et culturellement plus affirmé.

We are aware of the reality and of the considerable gap that we are going to have to close between reality and our ambition.

Nonetheless, we believe in the benefits of technology and in skills development. We therefore provide technical assistance, efficient technologies and targeted education programs to improve living conditions and stimulate the economy of African countries.

We believe in the importance of knowledge and therefore we conduct research in the areas of anti-terrorism and conflict resolution to find the best way for African countries to maintain internal and external stability.

We believe in the need for cultural affirmation. Thus, we promote the perpetuation of ancestral African traditions and we encourage modern African populations to be aware and confident in their own cultures.

Finally, we believe in the importance of transparency and collaboration. We have therefore created an objective evaluation method for the projects of our foundation and developed partnerships with organizations sharing our values ​​in order to optimize the efficiency of the use of funds.

We are Tomorrow; we are fighting for a better tomorrow.