2019 UWC Changshu China Charity Auction for education aid

April 2019 China

Our founder recently took part to the 2019 UWC Changshu China Charity Auction Dinner held at the UWC school. The event brought together more than 170 people including NGO representatives, officials, founders, board members, alumni, teachers and students of UWC campus.

Tomorrow Foundation supported financially the organization of the event and generously provided an exclusive lot to be auctioned. With the help of other contributors, the charity auction was a great success with 700 000 USD collected that will be used by the school for need-based scholarship programs through the Shanghai Education Development Foundation.

These programs aim at preventing young teenager to miss the opportunity to study at UWC for economic reasons and to maintain the diversity at UWC. At the moment, nearly 50% of the 570 students of UWC Changshu China receive need-based scholarship, with 12% of them receiving more than 90% of the scholarship.

During the event welcome remarks, Mr. Pelham, the principal of UWC Changshu China, illustrated the spirit of UWC with his speech: “UWC Changshu China brings young people from different cultures, different social and economic backgrounds around the world together and they are willing to strike for the UWC mission of world peace and sustainable future. They not only value their studies, but also care for each other, and the world. They expand each other’s horizon, and represent the future of the world.”

Founded in 1962, UWC (United World College) aims at creating a more peaceful and sustainable future through an education based on cultural mix, shared learning, collaboration, and understanding. As of today, UWC has 17 schools and colleges on 4 continents, the majority of which focus exclusively on the 16-19 year-old age group. Changshu campus has 570 students from 103 countries and 80 teachers, with an education program focusing on Chinese culture, leadership and environmental protection.

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