Ghana 2019 Company of the Year Competition

October 2019 Ghana

As main partner of JA Africa for its Company Program in several African countries and sponsor of the event, Tomorrow Foundation took part to the 2019 edition of the Company of the Year Competition in Ghana on October 12, 2019.

Following 16 weeks of training and mentorship under JA patronage, 14 student companies from five high schools have competed fort the Company of the Year award. „Activating Disruptors“, the theme of this year, refers to the fact that many successful companies are not the ones which initially innovated, but the ones which imitated and improved technically or commercially an existing idea.
Each team presented their business project through formal reports, oral presentation and on site product presentation to the panel of judges, including the founder of Tomorrow Foundation.
The winner of the main prize was the team Pedtor from Alpha Beta Christian College, which disrupted children’s safety and security in Ghana through their tracking service that connects parents to children via a mobile app. The team also won the specific Tech and Innovation award from the Foundation rewarding the company that best illustrates new, original and groundbreaking ideas. The second place of the competition went to Airtion Mobile, from Alpha Beta Christian College and the third one to Ultimate Ladies Enterprise from St. Mary’s Senior High School.

The event gave also the opportunity for Mrs Maggie Gu, founder of Tomorrow Foundation, and Mrs Elizabeth Bintliff, president of JA Africa, to officially launch their joint Futurepreneurship Program, a multi-year program aiming at building entrepreneurial skills among young African students in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Gabon to empower them and broaden their horizons. Mrs Gu presented the check of $300 000 representing the grant of the Foundation. During her speech, she also reminded the priorities of the Foundation – fairer wealth distribution on the continent, diversification of economies, sustainable development and new technologies to support development of economies –, and long term partnership with JA Africa. She also highlighted the dynamism of Ghana economy and the importance to invest on Ghana youth.

The British bank Standard Chartered released their Trade20 Index study in October. After analyzing 66 countries in the world, they classified Ghana in the top 20 markets with the greatest potential for future trade growth. Ghana was also identified as the most dynamic one. According to IMF, the country is expected to be the world fastest growing economy in 2019.

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