President of Tomorrow Foundation, Maggie Gu, has joined the Digital Innovation Committee of JA Africa

December 2021 Accra, Ghana

The world is changing and increasingly going digital, and therefore our long-term partnership institution JA Africa (JAA) is following this trend. To stay relevant and boost growth, JAA has as of this year launched the JA Africa Board Digital Innovation Committee that serves the main purpose of promoting the digital transformation agenda of the organization. The Committee was created as a result of JA engaging with their consulting partner, Accenture, to identify hurdles and develop a strategic roadmap and execution plan to realize their vision for growth over the next 3-4 years where they aspire to reach more than 500,000 youth in Africa.

Tomorrow Foundation is honored to announce that our Founder and President, Maggie Gu, has been invited to join forces in the Committee with other prominent board members:

  • Kojo Boakye (Chairman) who is the Head of Public Policy in Africa for Facebook,
  • Will Derban who is Acting Head of the Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Program at the GSM Alliance,
  • Christi Maherry who is Chairman of LAWTrust and Co-Founder of V3 Foundation, and
  • Iyinoluwa Aboyeji formerly at Flutterwave and Andela and now the Head of Future Africa. 

In addition to promoting the digital transformation of JA Africa, the Committee also has the principal purpose of providing necessary governance over the direction and ongoing progress of the digital strategy and embodying their skills in leadership to promote quality accountability and give the necessary oversight required to advance the digital strategy work, ensuring continued growth, with impact, consistent with JA Africa’s vision and values.

The strategic and holistic roadmap that the Committee will oversee is aiming to advance progress against JAA's three key milestones, each one designed to address one of the three main challenges that JAA has been experiencing as growth-inhibiting:

  1. Build Network Capacity & Alignment --> Strengthen & Align by implementing standardisation and enabling more collaboration. 
  2. Expand Organizational Footprint --> Connect & Create by expanding their network for content creation, partnering with Big Tech and MNOs, and implementing platforms for internal and external use.
  3. Sustainably Amplify Reach & Impact --> Accelerate & Sustain by digitizing operations and creating more digital learning experiences, expanding geographically, and partnering with MOEs.


The committee will serve as both consultants and facilitators and will be responsible for providing funding of key initiatives and connecting them with in-kind, funding and collaborative partnerships, and lastly, guiding key initiatives by advising on technological needs and digital content.

The committee will be responsible for consulting on and helping facilitate activities across the following nine key initiatives:

  • Creation of digital content
  • Online experiences via platforms
  • Digitization of operations
  • Partnerships for computer labs
  • Development of an e-learning platform
  • Creation of tv and radio content
  • Impact measurement platform
  • Knowledge sharing platform


We are excited about the formalization of Tomorrow Foundation’s influence on the future strategy of JA Africa’s digital footprint, and hopefully the Committee will benefit greatly from Mrs Gu’s extensive professional experience and her impressive work in the Foundation.