Supporting Development of Gambia

January 2018 Gambia

Since January 2018, Tomorrow Foundation has been actively engaging in the national development of the Republic of the Gambia, and representatives of the Foundation have been received twice by his Excellency Mr. Adama Barrow, the President of the Gambia.

With the interest and passion to develop the least developed countries of Africa, Tomorrow Foundation has spent enormous amount of resources in conducting investigations in a variety of economic sectors of the Gambia since the beginning of this year. Based on the collected information, the Foundation gathered a team of internationally renowned experts of Developmental Economics, and came up with a plan of national development that was specifically tailored for the current situation of the Gambia. The plan was submitted to the President in March, and received a lot of attention from the Government of the Gambia.

President Barrow highly commended Tomorrow Foundation for the “brilliant ideas towards the National Development of the Gambia in the areas of Tourism, Agriculture, Electricity Production and Distribution.” In the letter that President Barrow sent to the Foundation, Mr. President officially invited Tomorrow Foundation to participate in the national development projects, and to collaborate in making the Gambia a more beautiful, developed and harmonious country under the guidance of the National Development Plan 2018-2021.

The Republic of the Gambia is an African country located by the East Coast of the Atlantic Ocean and engulfed by Senegal. With a population of over 2 million people, the Gambia is one of the least developed countries in the world, and therefore, the country’s economy relies heavily on foreign aids. In January 2017, Mr. Adama Barrow became the President of the Gambia; upon assuming the office, President Barrow promised to bring significant changes to the country by developing the economy, reforming the politics, and reducing the reliance on foreign aids. Since then, the Gambia has been experiencing a period of rapid economic growth.