New Partnership with Foundation in Gabon

October 2021 Gabon

We are happy to announce that Tomorrow Foundation has recently embarked on a new exciting journey by partnering with Fondation des Deux Rivières (in English: Foundation of the Two Rivers, “F2R” or “the Foundation”) in the Republic of Gabon, referring to the two life-giving rivers; the Lolo and the Bouenguidi. The foundation was founded in August 2021 in Libreville by Hugues Mbadinga Madiya and administered by a Board of Directors, and Tomorrow Foundation is truly honored that it has been bestowed one of the three seats allocated for donators, sitting amongst a total of nine board members.

With a value system centered around a sharing mentality, excellence in execution and transparency in integrated community management, the Fondation des Deux Rivières aligns well with Tomorrow Foundation due to the aim of F2R to promote empowerment and community development in Gabon. 

At a time where rural exodus is negatively impacting towns and villages in Africa, the vision of F2R is to counteract the trend of undesirable urbanization by enhancing local resources for the creation of wealth and improving the living conditions of inhabitants in towns and villages. Therefore, F2R intends to make Koula-Moutou the pioneer town that can serve as a community development model for other communities by empowering its residents to become the primary actors of social, economic and community development. Subsequent to a successful maiden project, the aim is to replicate the model in additional communities. 

Most of the 16 thousand residents of Koula-Moutou currently work as civil servants. The number of local entrepreneurs is expected to increase by F2R creating local facilities tailored for social and entrepreneurial activities and implementing financing solutions dedicated to community development. In addition, F2R supports initiatives for business and job creation in different sectors, to reduce dropout rates and increase the reintegration of dropouts.  

These objectives are envisioned to be met by a list of initiatives, including: 

  • Events and training programs incl. local entrepreneurship competitions, awareness-raising meetings, conference debates, radio and television broadcasts
  • Conduction of socio-economic studies on Koula-Moutou's future potential 
  • Development of and affiliation with national and international networks whose objectives are similar to those of F2R and Tomorrow Foundation 
  • Creation of educational media content intended for training project leaders and general education of the public by organizing scientific meetings and publishing reviews, films and any other audiovisual and digital content. 

Collectively, these actions have the ability to impact Koula-Moutou socioeconomically by attracting investors to unlock the region's potential. F2R will contribute to the continuous improvement of living conditions and thereby help to fulfill the mission of Tomorrow Foundation of making the continent of Africa more economically developed, politically stable and culturally confident.