Tomorrow Foundation's Adviser Amine Laghidi won the Diplomatic Prize at 1st MD Sahara Forum

November 2021 Marocco

November 18 2021 marked the 66th anniversary of Morocco's Independence Day which provides an ideal segway to kick off the first edition of the Maroc Diplomatique (MD) Sahara Forum in Dakhla, organised under the theme “The southern provinces: major diplomatic openings and new development avenues“. It offers to bring together prestigious speakers, diplomats, government officials, decision-makers, analysts and experts, around themes mainly related to the development of the southern provinces and their role as an African hub and door to the world. They all met in Dakhla to discuss the potentials of the Southern region which represents economic opportunities and promising cooperation prospects.

 At the forum, prizes were distributed to members for their astonishing accomplishments in the field of economic diplomacy. We in Tomorrow Foundation are proud to announce that our Special Advisor, Pr. Amine Laghidi, was granted the MD Sahara Award for Economic Diplomacy in recognition of his actions among investors to attract foreign investments in Morocco and Africa in general. 



In the closing speech, Pr. Laghidi was thankful for the shared feeling of humanity he felt in the forum. As the inspirational speaker he is, eloquently expressed a promise to remain loyal to the sovereignty of Moroccan Sahara and to the inter-African friendships and brotherhoods they have developed. He kept a continuous emphasis on the importance of relational bonds throughout his speech, repeating the importance of forming new friendships between stakeholders and developing current friendships into brotherhoods, saying that the only way to progress is to hold each other's hand. As a famous quote says if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together, which seems to be exactly the message that Amine and the MD Sahara collectively tries to convey. 

After receiving the award, Amine was asked to elaborate on his views about the development of infrastructures in the southern province in an interview with the news outlet 2M. According to him, the port of Dakhla is not only a development project for the southern provinces but also an inter-African project which can play a role in exports and therefore become a source of prosperity for many African countries.  

Looking forward, Amine concludes that the most important investment in the southern provinces, in addition to the economic component, is an investment in people. He says; “this intangible capital will also be brought back to life thanks to the various projects thus enabling the southern provinces to play a leading role in international trade and as a driving force for the whole continent”. 

Thanks to the excellent relations that Morocco has managed to maintain with many international partners incl. the US, Europe, China, Japan and India. Amine further explains that these strategic links which will allow Morocco to open up to a diversification of the continent's partners and serve as a connecting portal between Africa and the rest of the world. 


About Mr. Laghidi

Mr. Laghidi is a renowned international expert in economic diplomacy, strategic development, Public-Private Partnership and foreign investments. Simultaneously a business high-ranking executive, international conference speaker, member of Moroccan official delegations, writer, President of business councils, Vice President of the African Council of Mines and Energy, referenced consultant and teacher, he is a multi-talented hyperactive dedicating his skills to economic and human development. 

The last 5 years, Mr. Laghidi has used his impressive skillset in the position as General Manager in Africa and Emerging Markets, enhancing foreign trade and exports between Morocco/Africa and the world. His work consists of providing support to foreign investors in Morocco and Africa as a whole, logistics and maritime support and strategic counselling regarding development, export, and funding. 

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