Tomorrow Foundation Youth Delegation from Ghana at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28)

November 2023 Dubai

Recognizing climate change as a paramount threat, COP28 underscored the urgency of making critical decisions for our planet's future, with a resolute commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by2050. The conference brought attention to the underrepresentation of the 1.8 billion global youth indecision-making processes, attributing it to barriers such as discrimination and insufficient support.

Tomorrow Foundation supported three students to participate in the COP28 as youth delegates in Ghana's Official Party. Their aim was to advocate for action to tackle the climate crisis by calling on governments, corporations, civil societies, and youth collaboration. The students were selected following their participation to the national Company of the Year competition where they presented projects related to climate change, global health and SDG goals. They were accompanied with Nadia Owusu, Tomorrow Foundation’s representative in Ghana and Joshua Andrews, Director of JA Ghana.

It was the first they participate to an international climate change conference. It was a formidable platform to showcase their remarkable business ideas, develop networking and source funding.


The event brought together young entrepreneurs, creating connections with global stakeholders to support sustainable development in Ghana and beyond through mentorship, investment, and collaboration. It also facilitated connections and networks with global leaders and experts as well as with like-minded young activists worldwide. 

The students attended multiple events, pavilions and sessions during their stay, including the session From Pitch to Purpose: The Role of Youth In Tackling Climate Change led by them in the Climate Live Pavillon, EY Pavillon sessions, Foreign Policy Roundtable on Women-led Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change at Climate Investment Funds event, and Digital transformation and decentralized climate data infrastructure, co-hosted with the World Bank Climate Action Data Trust during KPMG COP28 Agenda events.

They also met our board member Denis Daronnat, and shared their experiences with Ernest Coppée, representative of the Foundation in Morrocco.


During their trip to Dubai, students had the opportunity to visit several iconic sites like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. They learned about sustainable architecture, observed traditional markets at Deira and Naif Market, and experienced modern lifestyle at Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. The trip also highlighted eco-friendly urban transport options like the Dubai Metro and Tesla electric cars. The tours allowed students to witness the coexistence of traditional and sustainable development, providing a firsthand learning experience on sustainability and cultural diversity. 


The support demonstrates the alignment of Tomorrow Foundation and JA Ghana’s belief that youths have the ability to make a significant impact in addressing climate change. It was a global recognition for the work JA Ghana and the Tomorrow Foundation are doing by investing in youth entrepreneurship and sustainability through their various programs.

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