Webinar South countries facing Covid-19: from crisis management to indispensable disruption

May 2020 World

On May 12,2020, the Amadeus Institute in partnership with the Haitian Foundation Dr Louis G. Lamothe organized a webinar under the topic “Innovations for a quick and sustainable economic recovery”, belonging to the series of seminar under the global theme “South countries facing Covid-19: from crisis management to indispensable disruption”.

There were 13 prestigious participants from many countries like M. Aloysius Ordu, former vice-president of the African Development Bank, M. Yonov Fredercik Agah, Deputy General Director of the World Trade Organisation, or his Excellency M. Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti and president of the foundation Dr Louis G. Lamothe.

All the participants agreed on the importance of innovation, necessity to digitalize African economy and a stronger regional integration taking also into account local specificities. M. Ordu also pointed that “States have to review their budget” in order to allow more funds to health sector. Education and investment in human capital, one of the pillars of Tomorrow Foundation, was also mentioned. Talents have to be identified and mobilized on one side, and skills development has to be adapted to new requirements on the other side.

Our Founder Mrs. Gu shared her belief that the Covid crisis accelerated the fourth industrial revolution. Winners of the post-covid race are currently in the Silicon Valley: Amazon, Microsoft, Zoom, Facebook. African countries need to also launch the shift of paradigm through digitalization and innovation. Integrate them at the heart of their policies. She concluded with the example of the Moroccan company Consumar Group who recently won the UN Innovation Best Covid-19 Protection for Farmers. By adding new functionalities to their already digitalized processes for cultivation and harvest of sugar crops, they allowed remote monitoring of a fleet of more than 2,000 GPS-linked agricultural machines, ensuring a continuous supply of the national sugar market while minimizing the risk of contamination and strictly respecting the social distancing rules.

The full video of the webinar is available at the following link:


Furthermore, in the context of the webinar, Tomorrow Foundation also launched a research and drafted a concept note about the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis in Africa and the keys for recovery. The full note is available below.

 TF_COVID19_Webconf_Concept note_eng


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