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President of Tomorrow Foundation, Maggie Gu, has joined the Digital Innovation Committee of JA Africa

As of the 9th of November 2021, Maggie Gu has joined the newly established Digital Innovation Committee of JA Africa that has the main purpose of promoting the digital transformation agenda of the organisation.

December 2021 Accra, Ghana

Tomorrow Foundation's Adviser Amine Laghidi won the Diplomatic Prize at 1st MD Sahara Forum

We in Tomorrow Foundation are proud to announce that our Special Advisor, Amine Laghidi, received the Diplomatic Award at the 1st edition of the MD Sahara Forum in Dakhla. A wide array of prestigious individuals here met to discuss the potentials of the Southern region which represents economic opportunities and promising cooperation prospects.

November 2021 Marocco

Tomorrow Foundation sponsors Ghanaian youths to COP26

With a significant amount of experience as youth speakers via JA and other organisations, climate leaders, and Isaac as a start-up founder of a mobility company trying to combat the rising issue of emissions, Tomorrow Foundation believed in Nadia and Isaac's shared mission and their capabilities as being magnificent representatives for the voice of the Ghanaian youth at the United Nations Climate...

November 2021 Glasgow, UK

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