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To make Africa a more economically developped, politicaly stable and culturaly confident continent

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Ghana 2019 Company of the Year Competition

As main partner of JA Africa for its Company Program in several African countries and sponsor of the event, Tomorrow Foundation took part to the 2019 edition of the Company of the Year Competition in Ghana on October 12, 2019. Following 16 weeks of training and mentorship under JA patronage, 14 student companies from five high schools have competed fort the Company of the Year award....

October 2019 Ghana

Meeting with the founding president of the Amadeus Institute

Tomorrow Foundation met recently Mr Brahim Fassi Fihri, founding president of the Amadeus Institute in Rabat, Morocco. Founded in 2008, the Amadeus Institute is an independent Think Tank positioned as a laboratory of ideas, a space for reflection and a creator of debate for issues related to the African continent. Expert in analyzing the global issues of the international agenda, the Institute...

September 2019 MOROCCO

JA Europe Competition Company of the Year 2019

Following the invitation of Junior Achievement, Tomorrow Foundation President and Founder attended the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition 2019 held in Lille, France on July 4 and 5th, 2019. The event also celebrated the 30 years of the JA Competition in Europe and JA 100 years. During these two days, our founder also attended JA Europe Board meeting as exceptional guest.

July 2019 France

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