The Foundation

Tomorrow Foundation is a Swiss charity foundation based in Geneva aiming at supporting international cooperation, fairer economic policies and improving the living conditions through technology and skills development in Africa

Our Mission

Establishing Africa as a more economically developed, politically stable, and culturally confident continent.

Our mission aims at creating a fairer world for all. A world where the keys to bridging the inequality gap are being placed simultaneously into the hands of benevolent change-makers and the ones most affected by the present issues: the youths in Africa.

Our Objective

Give access to technologies and organize training and technical assistance with optimized resources for a major social and economic impact by significantly improving the living conditions and the skills level of African populations.

We firmly believe in the benefits of technology and skills development, making it natural for us to provide access to innovative technologies, targeted educational programs, technical assistance, and governance advisory. So far, our foundation has spearheaded various projects ranging from water supply to the development of entrepreneurial skills amongst the younger generations with a high success rate based on measured impact. 

Armed with the power of knowledge, we aim to enable African youth to realise their full potential, improving the living conditions and stimulating the economies of African countries through technology-enabled education and other cutting-edge technologies. 

To achieve our vision of the world, our foundation’s mission has a wide variety of actions with the potential of positively impacting the continent socially and economically as much as possible within the areas of education, energy, health, and agriculture. 
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