The Foundation Board

Tomorrow Foundation is a foundation under Swiss law based in Geneva. All our board members share a rich international experience and same values regarding human development, solidarity, and multiculturalism.

Maggie Gu - President

Maggie Gu has more than 18 years of experience in the management of international affairs, excelling in public relations and crisis management.
Ms. Gu began her career in a prestigious international consulting firm, handling strategic issues for large corporate groups. She then moved to the public sector and worked in Europe and Africa for more than ten years, which not only expanded her knowledge of both continents, but also established a tight and unique link with them.
After this experience, she became an expert of international affairs with strong leadership, managing multiple teams across several continents to handle multilateral issues, solve international disputes and coordinate global projects. Since then, she has increasingly emphasized on the research of African issues, studying and advising African countries on the development and execution of national strategies.
As a long-active member of the Fondation pour Genève, Mrs. Gu has always been concerned with human development and heavily involved in the promotion of philanthropy, public welfares and cross-cultural communications.
Targeting the existing social, political and economic problems that Africa is facing in the new era, Ms. Gu has proposed many creative, practical and effective solutions, some of which have resulted in substantial impact. In order to promote an effective transfer of existing techniques and technologies, optimize the utilization of limited resources, increase the transparency and accountabilities of all the sectors in Africa and ultimately reach a fair and long term win-win relation between Africa and other parties, Ms. Gu founded the Tomorrow Foundation.
Ms. Gu has obtained a professional medical degree and a Master of Communication and Public Relations in China, a MBA of Global Management in the United States, and a Master of International Relations and Economy in Switzerland. She is also proficient in ancient Chinese language.

Jean-Christophe Manghardt - Member Secretary

Jean-Christophe Manghardt has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of finance, economic development and technological innovation, and has worked in ten countries for the public and private sectors as well as non-government organizations.

 Mr. Manghardt started his career as an economist and project manager at the Economic Development Office of the State of Geneva, and then worked for a leading international bank in trade and commodity finance. Focusing mainly on Africa and Asia, he has structured numerous transactions that were in total worth of billions of US dollars. Mr. Manghardt also advises companies across different industries, especially on financial structuring in Africa. He recently led the development of a platform that has launched the world’s first physical oil transaction with the blockchain-based technology.

 Mr. Manghardt holds two master degrees, one in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and one in Commodity Trading and Finance from the University of Geneva. He also has received executive education certificates in China and South Africa. He speaks English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese fluently.

Denis Lebsis-Daronnat - Member

With more than 15 years of experience in the banking sector, Denis Lebsis-Daronnat is an expert in asset management, international organizations and financial regulation advisory.

 He started his career as a wealth manager of BNP Paribas, and soon became in charge of the inspection of global private banking and wealth management activities. Then he extended its scope to investment banking activities and risk management, performing multiple assignments across the globe, including MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

One of his major achievements was the lead of comprehensive sensitive investigations for the Bank regarding financial sanctions and embargoes involving several African countries in order to respond to the US authorities. At that stage, Mr. Lebsis-Daronnat decided that it was the right time to leverage on his extensive experience in the financial sector and international operations by following new business opportunities. He then disengaged progressively from his advising responsibilities to the bank and started leading family business activities in the digital economy and high technology sectors.

Mr. Lebsis-Daronnat has a master degree in Economy from the European Business Management School of Strasbourg and an Economic License in International Affairs in Austria. He speaks French, English, German and Russian fluently.


Tomorrow Foundation builds on various pool of talents, personalities and backgrounds to provide exceptional support to its vision and initiatives

Liban Soleman - Chief Advisor

Liban Soleman is an expert in political and economic development matters in Africa. After a brief time in the private sector as a Business Developer in Israel and in the United States, Liban Soleman moved to the public sector in Africa and quickly held key positions within the government of Gabon before his 30's. Initiating, implementing and managing large scale strategic and multi-discipline government projects at National and International levels, he gained intimate knowledge of the Sub Saharan African environment, on development issues on the continent and the general business cultures. He has successfully participated in the coordination and development of clusters, value networks and business ecosystems , and parallel in building institutions, and identifying and developing human resources to further implement and regulate these key programs. During this period, he was also personally involved in various initiatives to help local communities, youth entrepreneurship.

 Mr Soleman is major cultural passionate and promoter. This as an adept advocate of the importance of developing the black excellence and afro-positive narratives, and culture shapes them. From this vantage point, development progress depends on changing not only incentives but also mindsets. 

 After almost 10 years of this unique experience, he is then back to the private sector, initiating and assisting investment projects ranging from infrastructure , public private partnerships to new technologies all to develop African economies and facilitate access to services for the populations in several sectors. His comprehensive knowledge of international trends, the African environment, business and economies is a major asset for the Tomorrow Foundation, helping the Foundation to better target its actions and develop valuable partnerships.

In May 2020, Liban Soleman was appointed board member of the Rwanda Development Board aiming at coordinating, spurring and promoting the national economic development.